Luxury Lighting: Siam Kempinski Hotel Chooses

Harvey Norman

Siam Kempinski Hotel,

Bangkok Thailand

Kempinski hotel established in 1897 as five-star hotel. Our branches spread all over the world. Our policy is that we are going to open new branch every year. Siam Kempinski had been established for 3 years, we have 261 rooms and 42 suite rooms. In the first year of our operation.

From our experience with Philips. Philips service is excellent, they provide us training about how to install the light bulbs and troubleshooting. Thank you Philips for you best customer service experience.

Customer challenge

We choose the best quality for our entire product for the most luxury feeling. Our partners were chosen by the management team which clarifies to management team and owner. Who is responsible the hotel managing owner will chooses the location. Siam Kempinski hotel located in the heart of Bangkok's the premier shopping and entertainment district, within easy access to every public transportation.

The right lighting

Before our current lighting solutions we use MR16 light bulb. The problem were short lifetime and the locations that we place the light bulbs were high up in the ceiling. It was unappropriate to change the light bulbs during daytime, so we need to change it at night time. In hotel business, when the lights go off, it creates a bad impression to the hotel guest. Therefore, if we can choose a longer lifetime light bulbs, we would not need to change it frequently. We can save maintenance cost, as well as protect and our hotel brand image.

Luxury Lighting: Siam Kempinski Hotel

Luxury Lighting: Siam Kempinski Hotel

The team

Kempin Siam Co. Ltd.


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