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Philips has a wide variety of tools that can help with all of your lighting projects. No matter what the demands, from individual house lighting to large-scale industrial illumination and everything in between, we've got a tool that will meet your needs.

With lighting simulation software such as our plugins for DIALux, Relux and Autodesk 3ds MAX design, you can design exactly the right lighting. You can also take your pick of our mobile apps, designed to provide all the info you need on the go. And our Online Product Catalog details the entire Philips range, so you can be sure you'll find a product that will meet your needs.

Revit library

Download Revit files for your project


At Philips we strive to support you in the best way possible. The Revit files we offer are developed with flexibility in mind. We have made our models scalable and added the necessary properties to adjust the model to your own needs.


Revit Library

Lighting simulation software

Plug-in for DIALux, Relux and 3ds Max


Download here your latest lighting software plug-ins for DIALux, Relux and 3ds Max design. And make it much easier for yourself to find the right luminaire for your lighting project.


Lighting simulation software

Our mobile apps

Learn LED
Learn LED

Learn LED


Learn LED, powered by the Philips Lighting University, is a way to become an expert on LEDs, on the go, when and how you want it. Watch the tutorials and video’s and use our glossary to quickly find what you are looking for.

Learn Led app
Mini300 LED app
Mini300 LED app

Mini300 LED app


A movement detector combined with a daylight sensor enables further energy savings. Our Mini300 LED gen2 app gives users control in ways that are simply not possible with other luminaires.

Mini300 LED gen2
LED switch
LED road calculator

LED switch


Select your current lamp and it’s replacement and see how much you can save with making the switch to LED.

LED switch
HUE - consumer lighting
HUE consumer lighting

HUE - consumer lighting


Meet the hue app. The amazing way to control every Philips hue bulb in your home. All in the palm of your hand. It makes the light switch look like it came from the Dark Ages.
With hue, you’ll see light in a whole new way. It lets you play with tone, contrast and colour to create any lighting mood you could dream of. It’s clever, intuitive and connected. It‘s so much more than just a light bulb.

Lighting Hub App



Words are good, but sometimes, it's just better to see things in action.


Take a look at our videos, which include all sorts of inspirational ideas and educational information. Maybe you want to see a product demonstration? A case study similar to a project you’re working on? Or, perhaps, just the cool things you can do with lights? If you especially like what you see you can subscribe to our YouTube channel.


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Discover the world of OLED lighting

Watch our video taking you into the world of OLED lighting, and find out what it can do for you.

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Learn about LED

LED can bring all kinds of possibilities to your design work - even some you might not expect.

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Watch some of the highlights from New York's recent Luminous Talks event.

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