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    Dynalite Leading Edge Dimmers

    Sophisticated yet simple energy-efficient lighting solutions

    Dynalite Leading Edge Dimmers
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        Philips Dynalite supports a wide selection of dimmer units that are compatible with most lamp types. By selecting the right dimmer for the different lamp types, an unlimited number of combinations of dimmer units can be chosen to work together in one project. Utilizing the very latest in microprocessor technology, every Dynalite dimmer has many built-in dedicated features for the lighting control industry.Industry-leading 16-bit fading resolution allows ultra-smooth dimming in projects where this is critical for flicker-free scene changes. The dimmers are capable of fading from one scene to another over a period ranging from one second to 23 hours, triggered from a single network message. This allows simpler programming and a smooth transition from one scene to the next – a feature that is perfect for daylight harvesting in projects requiring energy management.


        Allows lighting designers to push the boundaries of creativity


        Each dimmer can store over 170 scenes for unrestricted flexibility Live editing of lighting levels


        Depends on the lighting system in which the controls are used
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