Xitanium/Fortimo LED Drivers indoor dimmable

  • Product Description

    • Highly efficient LED drivers
    • Adjustable output current (AOC)
    • New “TD” version offers dynamic active cooling (via PWM protocol), optimizing energy efficiency


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Xitanium and Fortimo LED drivers are specially designed to operate LED solutions for general lighting applications such as downlighting, spot/accent lighting and linear lighting.Flexibility in luminaire design is assured thanks to an adjustable output current (AOC) and, in most independent versions, a new modern 3-in-1 housing design.The adjustable output current enables operation of various LED configurations from different LED manufacturers, as well as ensuring the solution can accommodate new LED generations – making it “future-proof”. There are special dimmable versions which enable the use of lighting controls for further energy savings.


The output current can be set by placing a resistor on your LED PCB (Level 2 board)
Versions with trailing edge (TE) and Touch & DALI dimming protocols
Temperature derating via negative thermal coefficient (NTC)
Most LED drivers integrate 12 V output for active cooling
New flexible housing design offering independent, screw and click mounting
Hot wiring (Xitanium types)
Improved ripple current


Recommended dimmer list for trailing edge (TE) dimming types:
Busch-Jaeger: 6513U-102
Jung–licht management: 225T DE
Siemens 5TC8 284
PEHA Tronic-Dimmer 433 HAB
Wuyun W13-C 162
Everflourish EFE700D


Offices (more ‘prestigious’ spaces such as reception areas, boardrooms, restaurants, etc.)
Public buildings (airports, cinemas, theaters, exhibition halls)
High-end shops
Retail (supermarkets, bakery/butcher’s shops, leather goods, etc.)
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