Xitanium Constant Current DC Input Outdoor

  • Enabling light where no light was possible before

    • Integrated dimming results in lower overall system cost due to smaller panel/generator and battery
    • Excellent reliability
    • Eliminates application energy costs and carbon impact


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Philips Xitanium Constant Current DC Input Outdoor LED drivers are designed for off-grid solutions running on battery (direct current) power. The drivers incorporate dimming intelligence, which translates the scarce energy collected by the solar system or wind turbine into the best possible system performance and reliability. Originally optimized for use with Fortimo LED LLM modules, the drivers can be used in different light engines.


Programmable LumiStep dimming
PWM dimming protocol
Minimum 50,000hrs lifetime
Thermal and battery protection
Flexible – may be used for different light engines


The system is designed for outdoor off-grid applications where electricity from the grid is not available or is very unreliable
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