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  • An energy-efficient solution

    HF-P 2 24/39 TL5 III 220-240V 50/60Hz

    HF-P 2 24/39 TL5 III 220-240V 50/60Hz

Specifications Show all

General Information
Application code
Type version
Lamp type
Number of lamps
2 piece/unit
Number of products on MCB (16 A type B) (nom.)
Automatic restart
Operating and Electrical
Input voltage
220 to 240 V
Input frequency
50 to 60 Hz
Operating frequency (nom.)
45 kHz
Ignition method
Programmed Start
Crest factor (max.)
Power factor 100% load (nom.)
Ignition time (max.)
0.9 s
Mains voltage performance (AC)
Mains voltage safety (AC)
Earth leakage current (nom.)
0.5 mA
Inrush current width
0.30 ms
Constant wattage deviation
Ballast factor (nom.)
Power losses (nom.)
4-5.6 W
Inrush current peak (max.)
24 A
Connector type input terminals
WAGO 251 universal connector  [ Suitable for both automatic wiring (ALF and ADS) and manual wiring]
Cable capacity output wires mutual (nom.)
200 pF
Connector type output terminals
WAGO 251 universal connector  [ Suitable for both automatic wiring (ALF and ADS) and manual wiring]
Cable length hot-wiring
0.75 m
Wire strip length
8.0-9.0 mm
Dual fixture master/slave
Not applicable  [ Master/Slave oper. not applicable]
Input terminal cross section
0.50-1.00 mm²
Output terminal cross section
0.50-1.00 mm²
Cable capacity output wires to earth (nom.)
200 pF
System characteristics
Rated ballast-lamp power
24/39 W
System power on PL-L
89.6W@2x40 W
Lamp power on PL-L
84W@2x40 W
Power loss on PL-L
5.6W@2x40 W
System power on TL5 ECO
46W@2x20 W; 73W@2x34 W
Lamp power on TL5 ECO
42W@2x20 W; 68W@2x34 W; W
Power loss on TL5 HO
4W@2x24 W; 5.0W@2x39 W
Lamp power on TL5 HO
48W@2x24 W; 71W@2x39 W
System power on TL5 HO
52W@2x24 W; 76W@2x39 W
Rated lamp power on TL5 HO
24/39 W
Power loss on TL5 ECO
4W@2x20 W; 5W@2x34 W
T ambient (max.)
60 °C
T ambient (min.)
-25 °C
T storage (max.)
50 °C
T storage (min.)
-40 °C
T case lifetime (nom.)
80 °C
T-Case maximum (max.)
80 °C
T-Ignition (max.)
60 °C
T-Ignition (min.)
-25 °C
Mechanical and Housing
L 360x30x21
Emergency Operation
Nominal light output after 60 seconds
100% of EBLF
Battery voltage lamp ignition
186-275 V
Normal operating voltage (DC)
220-240 V
Battery voltage lamp operation
Battery voltage guaranteed operation
176-275 V
Battery voltage guaranteed ignition
186-275 V
Emergency ballast lumen factor (EBLF) (nom.)
0.7 %
Nominal light output after 5 seconds
50% of EBLF
Approval and Application
Energy efficiency index
EMI 9 kHz... 30 MHz
EN 55015 edition 7.1
EMI 30 MHz... 1,000 MHz
EN55022 level B
Safety standard
IEC 61347-2-3
Performance standard
IEC 60929
Quality standard
ISO 9000:2000
Environmental standard
ISO 14001
Harmonic current emission standard
IEC 61000-3-2
EMC immunity standard
IEC 61547
Vibration standard
IEC68-2-6 F c
Bumps standard
IEC 68-2-29 Eb
Humidity standard
EN 61347-2-3 clause 11
Approval marks
CE marking
ENEC certificate
VDE-EMV certificate
Temperature marking
Emergency standard
IEC 60598-2-22
Humming and noise level
< 30 dB(A)
Product Data
Full product code
Order product name
HF-P 2 24/39 TL5 III 220-240V 50/60Hz
EAN/UPC – product
Order code
Numerator – quantity per pack
Numerator – packs per outer box
Material no. (12NC)
Net weight (piece)
0.250 kg


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