EB-Certalume for PLT/C lamps

  • Product Description

    • Energy efficient, saving 25% energy compared to electromagnetic “C-type” ballasts
    • The EB-C TL5 range has a robust design and meets safety, EMC and Immunity tests including safety approbation via an external test-house covering IEC/EN 61347.
    • Ideal alternative for electromagnetic ballast, no ignitor needed Pre wired, Lamp/ mains wires and lamp holders are included for easy installation.
    • Same size as electromagnetic ballast so ideal for replacements


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Affordable, reliable, high frequency electronic ballast for 4-pin PL-T and PL-C fluorescent lamps, ideal alternative for electromagnetic (EM) ballasts


Energy efficient CELMA A3
Complying to CCC certificate including safety acc IEC 61347
Robust design for 20.000 hour lifetime and 3.000 on/off switches on one lamp.
Rapid, flicker-free lamp start (< 1.6 s)
High power factor 0.95 with THD <25%
EMC compliant to EN 55015 2006 + A1 2007
Wide voltage range for ignition and operation (165V-253V)
45 degree connector for easy connection with push button release


Designed for applications where lamps burn for a long period of time and switching cycle (on/off) is infrequent. Typical areas of application include:
Professional indoor applications (e.g. offices and hotels)
Department stores, shops, supermarkets, convenient stores and public area’s
Indoor lighting boxes
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