• LuxSense- simple daylight harvesting

    • A simple Daylight Regulation device which can easily be fitted in a 1-10V luminaire
    • Offers energy saving opportunities when installed near windows


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LuxSense is a DayLight Regulation option (DLR) for luminaires equipped with a Philips HFR ballast. The sensor measures the reflected light coming from the surface below. It dims down the lamp output when the light level exceeds the required light level defined by the light sensor set point. LuxSense can be installed in the luminaire by attaching it to the lamp with a lamp clip. LuxSense is available as a complete set with a sensor and a lamp clip: LRL1220 TL-D for TLD lamps and LRL1220 TL5 for T5 lamps.


LuxSense is connected to the 1-10 V DC control input of the HFR ballast
LuxSense dims light down to the minimum level of the ballast (3% for the Philips HFR ballast)
LuxSense is calibrated for use in a standard office situation with 600 lux installed and 500 lux required
If needed, LuxSense can be manually adjusted by a rotating diaphragm to adjust the set point. The sensitivity of the sensor can be changed within a range from 1/3 to 3
The new set point can be copied for all LuxSense luminaires with similar daylight and reflection conditions
LuxSense can regulate up to 20 luminaires equipped with Philips HFR ballasts


LuxSense is designed for all office applications
LuxSense is designed for average ceiling heights of between 2.5 and 3 m
LuxSense can be used alone or in combination with other control products in order to add the daylight regulation functionality (e.g. combination of LuxSense with OccuSwitch)
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