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    The Philips Dynalite sensor range combines motion detection, light level detection and IR receive in one unit. Each of these features can be operated at the same time, allowing automation scenarios such as turning on the lights after detecting motion and then dimming the lighting level once the available sunlight has been measured, thereby providing additional energy savings. By combining each of these functions into one device, operational efficiency is improved.Each sensor has an in-built microprocessor, allowing logical functions to control one small room, the floor of a building, or an entire building. All sensors receive their power from the DyNet network, and as they are fully remotely programmable, they can be configured to automate and control a virtually unlimited number of controlled outputs.


    Reduces the need for many different types of sensors, thereby preventing ceiling clutter
    Combines motion detection, light level detection and IR receive in one unit, thus improving efficiency


    Sensors are fully remotely programmable
    Built-in microprocessor


    Depends on the lighting system in which the controls are used
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