MASTER LEDlamps DimTone

  • Energy meets efficiency

    • lThe light gets warmer when dimmed ( creates pleasant, intimate ambiance)
    • 80%-90% energy saving (short payback time)
    • dimmable with leading edge dimmers


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MASTER LEDlamps DimTone delivers the warm, defined beam and the shift to warmer colour during dimming that is provided by halogen and GLS, while offering the energy savings, minimised maintenance costs and extended lifetime of LED lamps. Enabling maximum warmth and ambiance at lower dimming levels, it is ideal for hospitality applications requiring heightened customer comfort, such as restaurants, bars, washrooms and lobbies.The DimTone feature means light colour shifts from regular warm white at maximum light output to warmer white at lowest light under full dimming, same as halogen and GLS. Further efficiency and energy savings are offered under such dimmed conditions. These DimTone MVspots fit most existing fixtures with a GU10 socket, and the innovative driver design ensures compatibility with a broad range of dimmer types. The DimTone bulbs are designed to retrofit replacement of dimmable incandescent bulbs.


DimTone dimming
low energy consumption
lifetime of 25,000 to 40,000 hours
CRI >80
UV and IR free light


suitable for indoor applications in open luminaires (with an open/free air gap of min. 10 mm)
accent and general lighting (e.g. hotels, shops and offices)
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