InteGrade LED engines NB

  • The perfect fit

    • Smooth and uniform linear lighting of products on display
    • Aesthetic integration of LED lighting; possible to mount on very small mullions
    • Excellent Total Cost of Ownership with attractive payback times


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InteGrade LED engines NB enable easy creation of narrow-beam lighting solutions for vertical and horizontal display applications. The narrow beam in combination with the extremely small dimensions makes this system suitable for applications like chiller door and under-canopy lighting, where there is no room to place a sizable lighting solution. The unique optical system directs the light precisely where you want it, thus making optimum use of the light and energy. Our LEDs have minimal output degradation and color shift, so the light remains consistent throughout their long lifetime. InteGrade LED is an ideal solution for high-quality lighting without flicker or color differences. With a choice of mounting profiles, mounting clips, power cables, and Xitanium Constant Voltage Outdoor LED power drivers, your under-canopy or display lighting will always be a perfect fit.


Energy savings of up to 55% (102 W compared to 224 W for a TL5 28/35 W system in a 3.75 m cabinet)
Dedicated Xitanium LED Outdoor drivers for reliable operation
Scalable to length
An InteGrade connector makes the electrical connection between two LED engines; an inline lock fixes the engine in a profile


InteGrade LED engines and accessories are designed and marketed together, as we believe good system design is crucial to effective functioning of the system, and it also facilitates an easy design-in


Vertical and horizontal linear floodlighting, mounted on very small chiller door mullions, canopies and island freezers
Display lighting in supermarkets, refrigerated cabinets, retail environments, libraries, museums
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