HalogenA PAR38

  • Lamp:

    • Bright, sparkling halogen light
    • Convenient halogen solutions that fit in standard, existing luminaires
    • Retrofit halogen replacement for PAR 38 incandescent reflector lamps
    • Natural colour rendering (Ra= 100)


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Mains-voltage 123 mm diameter reflector lamp


Hard-glass halogen burner (linear filament) optically positioned in a parabolic, aluminium-coated pressed-glass reflector (PAR)
WISO®-reflector emphasises sparkling, decorative image
Virtually constant light output over lifetime
Good luminous efficacy
Long life (3 times the lifetime of a normal incandescent lamp)
Spot versions have slightly stippled front glass to emphasise the sparkling reflector
Flood versions have a faceted front glass to prevent glare and ensure a homogeneous beam distribution
Front glass protects the lamp for safety and prevents touching and dust deposits


Accent and display lighting in shops
Accent and task lighting in the home
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