SkyRibbon IntelliHue Wall Washing Powercore

  • IntelliHue SkyRibbon Wall Washing Powercore

    • Mimics all shades of white
    • Precise colour changing
    • Dynamic recessed accent-lighting fixture


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Introducing SkyRibbon IntelliHue Wall Washing Powercore, a recessed linear interior LED wall-washing fixture offering high-quality intelligent colour and white light from the same fixture. IntelliHue is an advanced approach to colour mixing that enables users to precisely target a full spectrum of saturated colour and high-quality white light, granting an unprecedented level of design freedom. Brilliant light output and industry-leading controls make this fixture ideal for a variety of interior wall-washing applications. Users can rotate the LED modules from 0º to 90º to evenly wash walls top to bottom regardless of fixture setback. Multiple housing options accommodate a number of installation methods.


Unique IntelliHue technology enables high-quality intelligent colour and white light from the same fixture
Consistent colour from fixture to fixture
No hot-spotting, colour shifting, tiger-striping, or unwanted edge effects
Tunable white – precise control of colour temperature
Free from beam striations – high-quality white light


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