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Basic Spot MRS070

Smart Spot LCS/LRS/MRS070/071 – a reliable way to create outstanding lighting

Basic Spot MRS070

      Product family information

      The affordable Smart Spot projector range is a reliable and flexible solution offering a choice of CDM and halogen lamps in various shapes and colors. Designed for operation in conjunction with the Smart Track family, it can be track-mounted or fixed on the ceiling. Smart Spot delivers a good accent lighting effect, making it suitable for projector applications in shops or art galleries. Its stylish design is ideal for integration in a fashion environment and ambience.


      No worries about safety and reliability
      Easy to select and to use
      Affordable; low initial cost


      CCC-certified; truly safe and reliable
      Choice of lamp types, designs and colors
      Stylish design; integrates perfectly into fashion ambience


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      Art galleries
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