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InfraRed Industrial Heat Incandescent

Instant heat exactly where and when needed

InfraRed Industrial Heat Incandescent
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      Product family information

      The Philips infrared incandescent reflector lamps are designed to work in the toughest environment such as farm, bathroom or kitchen and their nearest surrounding. They have a reinforced construction thanks to hard glass use. Their compact form and universal cap base allow them to be used with any suitable equipment. A very good method of generating warmth is by using heat lamps. The Philips infrared lamps provide direct, draught-free warmth to the animals, people, but also food. These benefits have made farmers, consumers and cooks around the world choose Philips infrared lamps, because they are the sturdiest, most efficient lamps available for these applications.


      30% extra energy saving with PAR thanks to its unique reflector system
      Simple and safe heat source with no risk of broken glass
      90% of energy is transmitted as infrared heat.


      Robust and sturdy hard glass construction of entire range of infrared reflectors.
      Reflector shape allows concentrated heat to be applied to where it is needed.
      The design of PAR38 incorporates a completely sealed reflector and therefore high efficiency.
      More hassle free and handy replacement period thanks to long durability of infrared lamps
      Red-coloured lamps to reduce visual light emission and glare.


      Agricultural: breeding and rearing of pigs, poultry, calves, foals, dogs etc. as well as in veterinary clinics, zoos, pet shops.
      General radiant heating, e.g. hot food displays, cooker hoods, bathrooms, space heating etc.
      Industrial heating, e.g. drying, baking, carbonising, melting etc.
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