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TL5 EssentialView Super 80

Fit-for-use TL5 lamp

TL5 EssentialView Super 80

TL5 EssentialView Super 80

      Product family information

      Philips TL5 EssentialView is a compact, highly efficient fluorescent lamp that provides functional light at an affordable price.


      Same lifetime as Standard TL-D and most cost-efficient TL5 lamps
      Slim tube allows more compact and flexible luminaire design
      Maximum lumen output at suitable ambient temperature


      Small diameter of only 16 mm
      To be used with electronic ballast for TL5 only
      Operating temperature from 5 to 50 °C


      To be operated with electronic ballast for TL5 fluorescent lamps only. A Philips electronic ballast is recommended.


      Offices, shops, supermarkets, schools, hospitals and industrial facilities

      Warning & Safety

      15,000 hours lifetime (50% survival point, 3 hour cycle) with preheat ballast which is ENEC compliant. Lifetime performance may differ on non-ENEC compliant ballasts.
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